Hello, I am Ana Laura

I believe that getting to know my clients for their unique qualities truly makes the pictures captured come to life. I want to get to know your charm, attitude, likes and dislikes, and everything that makes you, you so you leave the photoshoot feeling confident I have captured beyond your expectations.

Thats why I wanted to share a little about myself; I am a mother of two girls and one boy who are very passionate in what they do, from joining a circus academy, becoming a business women, or passionate about nutrition I have loved capturing our moments together throughout our lives. I began my professional career 15 years ago when I began Gymnastics photography and later realized I wanted to capture more parts of peoples lives.

I want to be your life photographer, from senior photos, school graduations, engagements, weddings, new borns, and whatever other life events come your way, I want my clients to always think of me to capture the very essence of those precious moments.

Welcome to Ana Karotkin Photography,

 where the moments captured will be yours forever.